Summer work at Sorosoro

Posted by Laurie Lefèvre on July 30, 2010

We are halfway through summer, and Sorosoro is still live and kicking!

After our video series on marriage and marital relationships, our new August video series is all about music, to the tune of Akele songs – songs for celebrations, songs for mourning, for lullabies and for initiations…

This month, Sorosoro is diving into the realm of indigenous languages of Australia, thanks to the generous contribution of AUSTLANG researchers. So jump on board for a voyage into Australian territory and its linguistic treasures.

As for the Sorosoro website, we’re standing by our multilingual ambitions, thanks to the hard work accomplished by our translators. A big thank you to all of the Spanish-speaking volunteers who have recently offered up their help in setting up our Spanish website!

And finally, even though the summer is winding down, we are already winding up and getting ready for our next video shoot taking place in New Caledonia. New adventures are waiting for us – so full steam ahead to the Tropic of Capricorn…

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